1xBet is truly a multifaceted online casino and sports betting site in many ways. They offer their players a great gambling platform, with a wide range of exciting options. But they have received complaints from both regulators and players throughout the years. So let’s take closer look at what this controversial brand really has to offer.

  • Easy registration process
  • A wide range of banking methods and local currencies
  • Many available languages
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Responsible gambling is non-existing
  • Weak reputation within the iGaming industry
  • The layout can feel a bit messy

We’ve been reading and hearing a lot, both good and bad, about the Russian gambling operator 1xBet . So we felt that it was time to dive into the world of 1xBet. We wanted to find out for ourselves what this well-known brand really had to offer.

There are truly many up’s and down’s when the topic 1xBet is brought up. During the last couple of years 1xBet has had several suspended sponsorship. The deals with some of the major European football clubs have been suspended. This was primarily due to gambling regulation breaches. Since then, they have been granted a gambling licence in Nigeria – valid for several years to come.

It is important to keep in mind that the world of iGaming is continuously changing. Regulations become stricter every year. Therefor, it is rather understandable that it is not easy to comply with these sudden changes. Especially for such a young brand as 1xBet. Who is trying to make themselves a name in an already very occupied and competitive industry.

But as the story goes. There are always two sides, and we at gamblers.africa are mainly here to focus on providing an honest and hands on review, about 1xBet. A review based on our own experiences with this, rather controversial, gambling brand.

We will teach fans that with 1xBet they play according to simple and understandable rules that must be observed .

1xBet Spokesperson, January 2020


It is very easy to recognize 1xBet with their distinctive blue colors across their site. Even though their landing page can feel somehow messy, the various gambling alternatives are easy to locate. The main menu can be found in top of the site, both om mobile and desktop version. If you are using your phone you can quickly scroll down to find some great featured games. Makes everyone’s life a bit easier.

Obviously with so many options squeezed into one site, it is not easy to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. We still believe that they have made an impressive job. For us, it is very important that a gambling site is user-friendly, so the customers doesn’t get lost in the jungle of options and games.

As soon as you get used to the interface, you will be browsing through the different sports betting markets and casino games with ease. 1xBet is really a site for the gamblers out there who is looking for the most and want it all.

Personally I prefer to play with a gambling operator who focus on one specific area of gambling, such as casino or betting. But after a while I found myself, sort of, wandering away, enjoying the various games that 1xBet has to offer.


1xBet has made the registration process real easy. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to register with 1xBet on a phone, tablet or on a computer. With their one-click registration process, it only takes matter of seconds to register a new account with 1xBet. Very impressive and smooth!

Looking at gambling operators in Africa as a whole, the registration can be a bit confusing. Many steps, with a lot of required information, which sometimes can be frustrating if you wish to get started quickly. 1xBet has shown us that it can be quick and easy to register. But keep in mind, you will have to add your personal information afterwards, to be able to withdraw potential winnings.

A friendly reminder from us; make sure you choose the correct country where you are residing, and which currency you wish to use. It can be a bit of a hustle to change it afterwards. Do not rush, and even though it is a simple registration process – make sure to read all the T&C’s properly.


As mentioned previously, 1xBet is absolutely loaded with a wide range of gambling options to choose from. Which often can make the gambling journey rather confusing. It will however, after some time, become easier to navigate through the site. Just make sure to remember to click the burger menu on top when you get lost. All important pages can be found there.

And if it is something that concerns your account, then just click My Account. If you are on your phone, then click the little icon that resembles a person.

So in terms of the site’s navigation and gambling experience, I must personally say that I am satisfied. It might be a bit messy in the beginning, but we promise that you will get used to it. The basics, that can be found on any sports betting site, are the same on 1xBet. Which means, there are not many surprises.

One great thing, which give the experience an edge, is the amount of banking options. It is always nice to know that you will be able to find something that suits your needs. And 1xBet have made sure to include many local banking methods as well. Scroll down in this review, and you will be able to find all banking methods available.


For the experienced bettor, like myself, there are no big concerns in regards to the sports betting part of 1xBet. Even the advanced player would find himself having a great time here.

All the standard types of bets can be found here, and the markets feels endless. Anything from the world’s sports scene, to local football leagues. The betting section is simple and straight forward. With the advantage of having a wide variety of betting markets to choose from.

  • Huge variety of betting markets!
  • Live-betting available!
  • Local leagues available!


Besides their main focus being on sport betting, 1xBet offers one of the biggest online casinos in Africa. They have over 8000 games. We all were quite impressed when we saw the selection of casino games to choose from. There is almost to much to choose from, frankly speaking.

Anything from poker to slot machines, and to be honest – if there is a game you are looking for, I am pretty sure 1xBet has it. We made a handful of random searches, and 1xBet seems to be offering the most.

  • Easy to find specific casino games!
  • Huge variety of casino games!
  • Play casino games for free!


Another impressive thing about 1xBet is that they offer a lot of exciting and generous promotions. Starting with a wonderful welcome bonus for both sports betting and casino:

  • Casino Welcome Bonus: $1500 Welcome Package + 100 Free Spins
  • Sports Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $100

Besides the welcome bonuses, 1xBet also offer some nice weekly promotions that players can claim. We received several promotion emails from 1xBet during our time of reviewing them. So make sure to signup for their weekly promotion letter so you do not miss out.


What kind of freedom do the gambling operator provide their customers with? This is a question I always ask myself when I trying out a new gambling operator. A customer must be able to manually add deposit limits, self exclude themselves and so on.

Unfortunately, it is here that 1xBet seems to show of their true colors. It may also be where they live up to their reputation as an irresponsible gambling operator.

We weren’t able to locate where to set deposit limits on our account, which in our experience could be a bad sign. Fast-forward about 15 minutes, still no responsible gambling options in sight – so we headed over to the customer support;

  • Our initial query to the customer support host was about where we could set deposit limits on our account. To our big surprise, we were informed that deposit limits can’t bet set manually – not even by the customer support host. The option actually doesn’t even exist. This is unacceptable in this industry. Player protection and responsible gambling is the highest of priorities. And we are utterly disappointed after receiving this feedback.
  • After this feedback we decided to see how their support responds to players who openly admit to being addicted to gambling. Even now we are informed that a players can’t manually lock their account. Not even the customer support host can lock it for you.

In terms of responsible gambling, we must say that 1xBet has a lot to work on. Clearly they do not care as much about the well-being of their players as we were hoping for. Besides that, they openly encourage players to use VPN in blocked countries, to be able to register and play with them.


Even though 1xBet has a luggage full of complaints, it is important to keep in mind that they are offering a great platform for gamblers. And it is equally important to highlight that they are trying to improve. Their general betting experience is impressive, and the one-click registration process is innovative.

However, our rating is not only based on our betting experience. And even before we started this review, we were worried about their reputation. And after we looked closer at their responsible gambling initiative, we were in shock.

Hopefully they will wipe of all the dirty spots and grow into becoming an honest and fair operator. But at the moment – we firmly recommend you to stick to your local casinos and betting sites.

A final word is; 1xBet offers a great platform, with endless gambling possibilities – but make sure you do your homework before you register. You must expect a very bumpy road with 1xBet.


  1. Login to your 1xBet Account
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Withdraw Funds
  4. Choose one of several withdrawal options that suits your need, and follow the steps.

Your welcome bonus will be activated upon your first deposit. When registering you first account, you can choose if you want a casino- or sports welcome bonus, so make sure to tick the right box.

  1. Log in to your 1xBet account
  2. Select Sports or Live in the main menu
  3. Now you can choose which game(s) you wish to bet on.
  4. You will see the odds and the markets
  5. If there are several different bets on your bet slip, select the type of bet you wish to do: Accumulator, System or Chain.
  6. Enter stake amount (the amount you wish to bet)
  7. Press “Place a bet

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