Our Review Process

So, how do we actually evaluate the operators?

At gamblers.africa, we pride ourselves in delivering unrivaled quality casino reviews, providing our readers with credible and detailed information they can trust. Prior to recommending sites, our team carefully assesses that the gambling operators meet a set of criteria that aligns with standard regulatory compliance. 

With more than 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry, the team behind gamblers.africa has immersed ample iGaming knowledge and aims at equipping players with this much-needed information and know-how.

Our focus lies within one of the cornerstones in our 5-step reviewing process; Responsible Gambling. This is a vital part of our evaluation process and we use the TEA-method to dive deeper into measures the operators have taken to be able to provide the players with sufficient tools and knowledge. Operators who pass all our test will be given a Seal of Approval, what we call the TEA-Certificate.

All of us wish to have a stress-free gaming experience and receive adequate assistance when required. Our aim is to provide objective and personal reviews to ensure that players have all necessary information available upon choosing their desired gambling operator.

1. Responsible Operators

With the world’s advances making it more accessible to engage in online gambling from almost anywhere, losing money and possibly finding yourself in debt is just some of the undeniable effects that come with gambling. 

Responsible operators play an important role in ensuring compliance with the principles of responsible gaming. Operators are required to take measures of protecting vulnerable gamblers, prevent underage gambling and providing a secure online environment. 

We at gamblers.africa evaluate responsible gambling initiatives set out by gambling operators through using the TEA-method. Standing for Trust, Effort and Assistance, the TEA method is an in-house concept that carefully assesses how various operators tackle these areas of responsible gambling.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a gambling operator. Trust is determined by many factors such as previous reviews, news and rumors, as well as a player’s own experiences. We aim to write our reviews objectively while performing intensive research focused on the reputation of operators.

Key factors we take into consideration include renowned casino review sites, customer complaint sites and general news. General news comprises anything from prizes won to broken regulations.

We look at aspects and reputable websites such as:

  • HelloPeter.com
  • TrustPilot.com
  • AskGamblers.com
  • CasinoMeister.com

Operators are expected to show the utmost effort in enforcing responsible gambling. They must be able to make a players gaming experience as easy as possible as providing tools to control gambling habits. The ability to have tools at disposal instead of contacting support for every action makes it easier for players to independently control their account down to anything from deposit limits to self-exclusion.

Efforts expected from a gambling operator;

  • Tools for deposit limits and self-exclusion
  • Self-tests for addiction
  • Contact info for help from organizations
  • Knowledgeable customer support who can assist in regards to responsible gambling queries

Gambling operators must have well-trained customer support in cases where players require assistance concerning their gambling habits and controlling them.  

Speedy response not only ensures satisfactory communication but also enhances safety and trust within a player. Operators must show interest in assisting players the best they can, and as fast as possible, even when seemingly against their profiting. This is especially of high importance when it comes to responsible gambling.

One of the key factors required from customer support assistance is Emotional Intelligence. Customer support is expected to identify potential addiction and how to deal with the vulnerable players who seek advise.

It is important for customer support to be able to provide solutions to concerns and show overall knowledge of the gaming products and services offered while maintaining professionalism.


2. Customer Assistance

In every industry the customer support plays a big part of the entire service experience. No less in an online entertainment industry such as online gambling. When an industry is moving from an an physical environment into the virtual arena, there are many hurdles to overcome in terms of being able to provide excellent service without physically interacting with a customer.

Dedication, expertise and experience of an agent are the single most important factors when it comes to excellent customer service and surpassing a customer’s expectations.

Good customer service requires the right people in the right place that understands how procedures are set to be bale to reach the satisfaction the player deserves and expects. The customer always has to be considered to be the number one priority.

To be able to satisfy this need, it is of high importance that the customer support has been up-skilled accordingly – both in terms of the company products and services, as well as the industry in general. The responsibility here lays both on the company, who are able to provide necessary knowledge and tools – but the customer host must also be curious and willing to learn.

It’s of great importance that the customer service hosts are able to identify the customers emotional state of mind and understand the customer needs at all times. A customer can feel very irritated, sad or even frustrated and therefor it’s important that hosts treat customers the way they would expect to be treated themselves.

The customer support hosts should always try to speak in a language that the customer understand, and never use difficult industry terminology, but rather try to be as transparent understandable as possible while assisting a customer.

To achieve high customer satisfaction it requires that a company takes their customers seriously, at all costs. The customers needs should always be the center of attention, not just in theory.

The company and its employees must have clear guidelines and adequate resources to deliver high quality service and the customer hosts must always be able to execute tasks with confidence and willingness.

It’s also very important to always try to exceed customers’ expectations. This can be done with an innovative mind-set by the customer support hosts when it comes to problem-solving. They need to ask questions, be curious and helpful to be able to solve any query that might come to their attention.


3. Gambling Experience

Every gambling enthusiast are looking for a smooth and exiting online gambling experience that resembles the authentic experience. It is not easy to transfer the thrill of being inside a physical casino, or to even recreate the atmosphere you get when you are inside a sports betting shop, in to the virtual world – but with continuous technological developments, this reality may just be around the corner.

We look closer at the first impressions of the gambling operators products – both on smartphones and tablets, as well as on laptops and computers.

The first impression is always the most important. At least that what they say. We are however firm believers in that expression when it comes on online gambling operators.

With almost a decade of experience and thousands of hours reviewing operators on various platforms, we can easily distinguish what to expect based on the first impression. It is easy to spot if the layout and product is outdated, or if the operator have spent time on updating their product according to customers needs and demands.

As we believe that there is more than meets the eye, first impressions do not contribute heavily to our ratings and reviews of an online gambling operator. However, we still believe that it is an important aspect for an online gambling operator to consider. The online service landscape, such as the online gambling lobby, will have an impact of the customers perception of the brand and the experience to come.

Another important aspects of the gambling experience is the the navigation, accessibility and layout. How easy is it to navigate through the various options and features.

We always look closer and evaluate what we believe are three three key elements of a gambling platform:

  • Navigation
  • Accessibility
  • Layout

It is important that the customer can easily find what they are looking for, no matter if it is a specific casino game or a betting market. Even if it is to locate information on how to make a deposit or withdrawal, all these elements must be accessible and easy to locate.


4. Banking Process

Many people in Africa doesn’t have access to bank accounts and common bank cards that people in the Western world take for granted. This has resulted in the growth of alternative payment methods, such as mobile payments, which the majority of the population has access to.

Many customers therefor prefer, and even demand, that the online gambling operators are able to offer these payment methods before even considering to registering.

We dig deep into every gambling operators range of banking methods and make sure to present the reader with a detailed list of the banking options available for each operator. Both for deposits and withdrawals.

The range of deposit methods is without a doubt one of the most important pillars of a gambling operator success on the market. We therefor make sure to look closer to which methods the gambling operator is offering their customers, and if these are in-line with the customers demands.

Besides that we look closer at the actual deposit process for each of these methods, do get an understanding on how easy, or difficult, it is to make a successful deposit.

It is utterly important that the withdrawal methods goes hand in hand with the deposit methods. If you as a customer are able to deposit easily, it is almost more important that the withdrawal process is as easy.

We look closer at the range of withdrawal methods available for each operator, and how fast they are in terms of processing the withdrawal.

We believe that operators shouldn’t sit on the money, but rather process the withdrawals as soon as possible. After that the time-frame of the withdrawals are in the hands of the banking provider, which is an aspect that are outside of the gambling operators responsibility.


5. Promotions & Deals

Another key aspect to look at when choosing an online gambling operator to join is their portfolio of bonuses & promotions that they have on offer. Most of these bonuses & promotions come in different shapes and forms, and are almost always tied to strict terms and conditions. Therefor a generous bonus might not be as beneficial as they intially might sounds. We looks closer at three pieces we belive are og high importance

A generous welcome bonus is always a great way of starting a new adventure at a new gambling operator. We make sure to cover and present each operators welcome bonus in detail, together with direct links to the terms & conditions.

On top of a generous welcome bonus, we believe that the most dedicated operators should offer a solid loyalty reward scheme for the most loyal customers. Anything from cash-back rewards to weekly deposit bonuses.

The specific structure of the bonus or reward is not of the highest importance. It is rather the fact that the operators are showing their loyal customers their gratification through the means of promotions, specials deals and loyalty rewards.

For a players who are looking for a new online casino or sportsbook to join, a generous welcome bonus always feel in place for them to be able to ‘feel out’ the operator before making a first real money deposit.

Many times it is easy to over look the terms & condition’s that comes with most bonuses & promotions. Therefor, it is very important that t a gambling operator doesn’t use that to their own advantage and offer bonuses & promotions with to complex terms and conditions. The terms & condition’s must be easily accessible and highly reasonable.