The TEA Certification

We at evaluate responsible gambling initiatives set out by gambling operators through using the TEA-method. Standing for Trust, Effort and Assistance, the TEA method is an in-house concept that carefully assesses how various operators tackle these areas of responsible gaming.

If a gambling operator fulfills our requirements in terms of TEA, we will provide them with our Seal of Approval which they are allowed to use on their website.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a gambling operator. Trust is determined by many factors such as previous reviews, news and rumors, as well as a player’s own experiences. We aim to write our reviews objectively while performing intensive research focused on the reputation of operators.

Key factors we take into consideration include renowned casino review sites, customer complaint sites and general news. General news comprises anything from prizes won to broken regulations.

We look at aspects and reputable websites such as:


Besides the above mentioned, we also work closely with local gambling regulators to make sure that the operators adhere to the various policies that has been set.

Operators are expected to show the utmost effort in enforcing responsible gambling. They must be able to make a players gaming experience as easy as possible as providing tools to control gambling habits. The ability to have tools at disposal instead of contacting support for every action makes it easier for players to independently control their account down to anything from deposit limits to self-exclusion.

Efforts expected from a gambling operator;

  • Tools for deposit limits and self-exclusion
  • Self-tests for addiction
  • Contact info for help from organizations
  • Knowledgeable customer support who can assist in regards to responsible gambling queries

Gambling operators must have well-trained customer support in cases where players require assistance concerning their gambling habits and controlling them.  

Speedy response not only ensures satisfactory communication but also enhances safety and trust within a player. Operators must show interest in assisting players the best they can, and as fast as possible, even when seemingly against their profiting. This is especially of high importance when it comes to responsible gambling.

One of the key factors required from customer support assistance is Emotional Intelligence. Customer support is expected to identify potential addiction and how to deal with the vulnerable players who seek advise.

It is important for customer support to be able to provide solutions to concerns and show overall knowledge of the gaming products and services offered while maintaining professionalism.