Both land-based and online gambling are growing at an exponential rate in different African countries. These expansions bring more economic prosperity and job opportunities, along with challenges to promote responsible gambling and control underage playing.

Source: Robin Worrall on Unsplash

As technology becomes increasingly available to people in Africa, it becomes easier for them to access casinos. Desktop computers are becoming more commonplace in households across the continent, while smartphones are cheaper and have become almost ubiquitous.

As a result, the adoption of mobile devices, or the so-called mobile revolution, has progressed considerably faster than its preceding online revolution. Improved telecoms network infrastructure and the rise in mobile payment facilities have played as much of a role as the deluge of mobile-facing gambling operators has.

Legislation Must Keep Up

Africa’s growing gambling industry certainly presents challenges, notably in proper taxation, customer protection and support of responsible gambling initiatives. Legislators in various countries are scrambling to keep up and update their laws, particularly with regard to online casinos and bookmakers.

Some nations have specified that offshore brands are not permitted to operate, while others allow both local and offshore companies. Still others don’t allow either, but do not enforce these rules so players can still access online betting sites.

To ensure that they are protected, bettors and players should make sure they choose a brand that is licensed and regulated by a trusted authority. Whether that authority is local or offshore will depend on their country’s current legislation. To this end dedicated review sites, whose focus is helping players find properly regulated operators, are being seen more and more frequently.

Technology-Based Protection

Experts predict that Africa will continue to be gripped by gambling fever, particularly in the online arena. Besides boosting the industry itself and making bookmakers and casinos more readily available, technology is being developed to help support and protect the customers who make use of these facilities.

GeoComply is a good example of technology being harnessed to promote responsible gambling. Introduced at the Global Gaming Expo held in the October of 2019, the company’s software is able to monitor how much an individual is playing, whether these habits are changing and whether the pattern is destructive. Since GeoComply records every login time and location, the software is also very helpful in tracking any hacks on player accounts.

Whether this or other technology is used in promoting healthy habits among gamblers, the development of these systems is encouraging. If players also select licensed sites that offer self-exclusion and spending limit facilities, they stand an excellent chance of keeping their gambling responsible, safe and fun.

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