Gamblers have more choice at their fingertips. Learn more about the 3 fixed-odds games introduced by the National Lottery Authority and LuckWeb Ghana.

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Ghanaian gamblers can enjoy even more choice, thanks to three new e-lottery games from the National Lottery Authority (NLA) and LuckWeb Ghana. The new games include Daywa Scratch, Keno, and Pick 3, and according to the NLA, there are more on the way.

Speaking at the launch of the Daywa 5/39 daily jackpot, NLA director-general Kofi Osei-Ameyaw said that the authority, along with LuckWeb Ghana, planned to introduce a number of games for online and mobile. The new releases are the first of those, and in addition to increasing the existing offering, they also will provide players with innovative new gambling experiences.

Daywa Scratch

The first of the new e-lottery games introduced to players in Ghana, Daywa Scratch is an online version of a traditional scratch card. Whereas the offline versions of similar cards are made of cardboard and feature symbols hidden by a removable film, the new game hides symbols behind a panel.

Players can click the panel to uncover the symbols, or they can select a button that exposes all symbols simultaneously. Either way, players can win if they find the required numbers of matching symbols. Daywa Scratch can be played if players have at least GH₵3 in their e-wallets.


A fixed-odds game, Keno has been played offline for several centuries, and now players in Ghana can find out what it is all about. Players can play it for at least GH₵1 and to play the game, they need to select as many as 10 numbers from those that appear on the grid.

20 numbers will be drawn from among the 90 balls, and players can win if numbers they chose match those that were drawn. The draws take place every 10 minutes, which means players do not need to wait long to find out if they have won.

Pick 3

Also a fixed-odds game, Pick 3 offers multipliers of as much as 300x that can be applied to the bets placed by players. Like Keno, the game also can be played for a minimum of GH₵1.

To play Pick 3, players select 3 numbers between 0 and 9. If players match 1 number from the 3 produced by the Random Number Generator software, they win the amount they bet. If they match 2 numbers in any order, they win 3x their bet. If they match 3 numbers in any order, they win 10x their bet, and if they match 3 numbers in exact order, they win 300x their bet. 

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