Africa could be home to massive online gambling markets in the future. Explore how Ghana and other countries already offer clues to that potential.

online gambling africa
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Since the 1990s, online gambling has performed well in almost every part of the world, although it traditionally has been dominated by markets such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. However, as Ghana and several other countries are proving, Africa’s different regions also could become major markets.

Although African regions in which online gambling is legal still have a way to go to challenge the UK’s incredible annual revenue of more than £4 billion, they already are beginning to attract attention. A few major international brands already offer services to customers in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. 

Other brands, as well as software providers that power online sportsbooks and online casinos, are doing what they can to enter those markets. Africa, which comprises 56 different countries, easily could become a major player in global online gambling in a few years’ time.

Gambling in Ghana

Ghana is a shining example of the potential of online sports betting and casino gambling in Africa. According to reports, the top sports betting brands in the country already see monthly revenues of more than US$3.5 million.

Revenue is not the only area in which the country excels. It also offers a good example of thorough regulation. The Gambling Commission of Ghana was established in 2006, and it enjoys an excellent reputation for protecting bettors and players from operators that cannot be trusted. It also is known for offering real support to the local gambling industry.

Gambling in Nigeria

The Nigerian gambling market has a lot of potential, but major changes are required before it can be tapped. Of the 200 million-strong population, approximately 60 million people said that they enjoy gambling or betting on sports.

At one stage, those gambling-loving people even had the option of playing at Nigerian-created iGaming platforms. However, the market suffers from a lack of regulation, which means players and bettors currently are exposed to any number of unscrupulous operators. 

Gambling in Zimbabwe

Unlike neighbouring South Africa which has had a regulated gambling market since 1996, Zimbabwe has been slow to embrace betting on sports and casino games. However, younger generations are beginning to challenge the conservative approach of the past.

More and more Zimbabweans are beginning to gamble at land-based venues and at online platforms. However, the lack of gambling laws and a regulator means they are exposed to unscrupulous operators. It also means that the country does not benefit from revenues generated by gambling taxes.

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