Study Reveals How Ads Influence Kenyan Betting

Kenya’s betting scene is a hot topic, and it’s not hard to see why. A recent study by the Media Council of Kenya has revealed that around 46 percent of Kenyan bettors are influenced by media advertising. That’s a pretty significant number, especially considering that the study found regional variations in the influence of ads.

In the Western and Nyanza regions, 51 percent of those surveyed said ads influenced them. Eastern, Rift Valley and Coast are next on the list, while Central and North Eastern numbers were much lower. Regardless of where they live, many agree that the media plays a significant role in sports betting for Kenyans

The Media Brings Fans Together

Most Kenyans agree that the media plays a significant role in sports. Correspondents explained that social media, in particular, helps fans discuss betting. It was further suggested that a global exchange of information allows serious bettors to make educated betting decisions and keep updated on African betting news.  

According to The Footy Tipster, social media has become a critical tool for gambling companies to directly advertise promotions and share important African betting news. It’s no surprise that social media influencers have become an essential part of the gambling advertising landscape. The biggest influencers can act as ambassadors for gambling companies, which is a highly effective way to reach a massive audience.

The Media Council of Kenya broke down the country’s feelings. 67 percent of Rift Valley residents feel gambling should be allowed in the media. The number is lower for Eastern residents, with 63 percent agreeing. In Nairobi, just 58 percent echo the sentiment.

Impact of Media on Correspondents

The Media Council of Kenya also detailed how often correspondents encounter gambling adverts. 63 percent confirmed that they had seen a gambling advertisement in the last week. Breaking down which form of media is most responsible, correspondents were asked where they had seen gambling advertising.

43 percent confirmed that they had seen gambling advertising on television. 26 percent of correspondents confirmed it was radio advertising they had encountered. The smallest group was social media, with just 13 percent having seen online advertising.

The Impact of Influencers

Although only a small percentage of advertising is seen on social media, the platform plays a different role. Kenyan social media influencers have an enormous impact, with many acting as ambassadors for gambling companies. 

The influencers with the biggest followings are enlisted to support the gambling company’s push services. Radio and television channels are also enrolled, but influencers tend to have a more significant impact. 

It’s reported that television channels, radio stations and social media influencers make billions of advertising for gambling companies.

Billions in Revenue Turnover

Reelforge and TIFA Research investigated how much marketing money is changing hands. The study found that a total of Ksh95 billion in advertising is being spent. Of that total, 22 percent is linked to gambling companies. This means gambling advertising is higher than telecommunications and consumer goods manufacturers. 

The key players responsible for the enormous spending are Supa 5, Lotto, SportPesa and Shabiki.

Combined with the flood of betting adverts, several other trends are seen in the betting market. The most common trends include live betting, which allows the placing of bets while a match is in progress.

Digital betting is another common trend. Digital betting allows for staking bets and collecting payouts using a mobile device.

Betting companies are also focusing on competitive odds. With so many sportsbooks operational in Kenya, better odds must be offered to attract better attention.

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