The postponing or cancelling of sporting events due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has left African bettors with significantly betting options. That is about to change with M-bet’s launch of the Simulated Reality League (SRL) in African markets served by sportsbook provider SportRadar.

m-bet virtual sports betting

The SRL offers bettors chances to place pre-match and in-play bets on virtual football games. The games are as close to the real thing as can be, as they are generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other machine learning capabilities. The new product is being launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Based On Top Leagues

The SRL is likely to be appreciated by football fans in the African countries that can access the sports betting product. The SRL includes the best leagues from England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other countries.

The product offers virtual games according to the schedules of the current European season, whether individual leagues have cancelled their seasons in real life or not. Each game played in SRL lasts 90 minutes, just as a typical football match would. The product also offers league tables and statistics for each match. There also is a live in-play tracker that players can use to track the bets they placed.

Bettors can place the bets they would ordinarily place on actual football games. If the teams they backed win the simulated matches, those bettors will be paid out.

Available Online And On Mobile

M-bet customers can access SRL and other virtual games that offer unique betting experiences on computer and on mobile devices. According to reports, the games come with a selection of playing options, and they do not use much data.

M-bet Group CEO Daniel Fischer welcomed the launch of virtual league product. He said that it strengthened the operator’s ability to provide customers with innovative gaming experiences in various markets. 

About M-bet

Launched in the 2000s, M-bet is a licensed and regulated sportsbook that operates in DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda (U-bet), and Zambia. The sportsbook’s tech team is based in Malta, the Mediterranean island that has become an international iGaming hub, while the IT team is located in Spain.

While it does not exclude online services, the brand focuses largely on mobile betting services and on mobile payment options. The brand works with leading operators in various markets, and it uses the latest technology for its odds as well as for the settlement of bettors’ bets. 

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