Zambia has a relatively long history of gambling which has been legislated by its Casino and Betting Control acts. Learn why those laws are important.

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The introduction of the Zambia Casino Act and the Betting Control Act were two incredibly important events. They ensure that players in the country have access to trustworthy gambling services that offer fair chances to win real money.

They also ensure that vulnerable players are protected from unscrupulous operators and tactics that could put them at risk. Furthermore, the acts ensure that the greater populace can benefit from gambling taxes, as well as through the creation of jobs at casinos, bookmakers, and the national lottery.

The Zambia Casino Act

Until 1992, the Casino and Gaming Machine Prohibition Act meant that Zambian gambling fans could not gamble legally. However, that year saw the introduction of the Zambia Casino Act, which created a regulatory framework in the country.

The act also allowed operators to be issued to licenses to offer gambling services to citizens who had attained the legal majority age. Initially, the licenses permitted by the act were intended for casinos in hotels, and they had to be renewed every 5 years. The licenses also specified the number of slots, other gaming machines, and tables that were permitted in those casinos.

The act stipulated other specifications for those establishments. For example, the gaming areas were subject to inspection, both by duly appointed inspectors and via surveillance cameras. The act allowed the issuing of temporary licenses that were limited to table games, and that were valid for 30 days.

The Betting Control Act

Zambia’s Betting Control Act was passed initially in 1958, but rather than being left to become obsolete, it has been amended several times over the decades that followed. The act allowed for the establishment of Betting Control And Licensing, the regulatory body that issues sports betting licenses to bookmaker operators.

The licenses are valid for one years, after which they must be renewed. The body also handles the regulation of the sports betting industry in Zambia.

More Important Than Ever

The Zambia Casino and Betting Control acts are more important than ever before. The country’s population has grown to more than 14 million people, of whom more than 60% have mobile phones.This has led to massive growth for the country’s gambling industry, which includes not only land-based casinos and sports betting, but also lotteries. There are four casinos in the country. However, the acts require further amendment to encompass online gambling and betting specifically.

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