The Council for Kenya’s capital city has suggested new measures for regulating betting and gaming within the domain. Falling under the Nairobi City County Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Bill 2020, players will have to get used to a 20% entertainment tax on gross winnings along with assorted penalties and fines

It also calls for a dedicated Board to be introduced to contend with the rise in the zone’s population, says Abraham Mwangi Njahia, Elected Member of the Nairobi City County Assembly.

New Chairperson Needed

As part of this legislative overhaul, the Governor will be accorded the power to appoint a Non-Executive Chairperson. This individual will be assisted by a Director in charge of supervising betting, lotteries, and gaming. The latter will be tasked with approving licenses and issuing these permits and will additionally be able to suspend or revoke the same. 

Fines Outlined

The Bill suggests fines and penalties up to a maximum of Ksh1 million. Public lottery permits will cost Ksh4 million each and a fee of Ksh600 000 will be payable for betting licenses. Casino operators will be subject to a grant fee of Ksh100 000 along with a Ksh10 000 renewal charge. This will be in addition to an annual payment of Ksh300 000 and a Ksh200 000 tranfer fee.

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