International sports betting company Delasport is partnering with MTN Group Limited to launch new brand AfricaWinner. The flagship betting operator aims to offer a reliable and secure online service, bringing together the cutting edge software of Delasport and the networking ability of MTN Group. 

Delasport offers an up-to-date sportsbook platform that appealed to MTN Group Limited spokesperson Mike Johnson said. Johnson said that Delasport are well-known for their cutting-edge software solutions. By choosing their platform they’d be able to skyrocket our in-house platform and offer players a betting experience unlike anything else that’s available on the market. 

He added that their local market expertise and Delasport’s advanced technology were a good match and they were excited to work together and see the results of the partnership.

Already a Winner In The African Betting Market

AfricaWinner offers a platform for people to place bets on international games, and over 20 different sports. By collaborating with Delasport it aims to rise to the top of the African market and become a big name in the online betting industry. 

Delasport Sportsbook Platform is a long-established independent international company offering software solutions to a wide array of gaming operators, with access to online casino providers in addition to a comprehensive collection of sporting events on which to bet. AfricaWinner will not only be able to take advantage of this rich resource, but will also be able to rely on Delasport’s effective risk management system, extensive backend capabilities and over a decade of experience in the business. 

Eli Moscovich, the B2B Manager at Delasport, welcomed the collaboration with MTN Group Limited. “We are delighted with the opportunity to work together with MTN Group Limited in bringing our market-leading solutions to their new brand,” he remarked.

“Together, we will look to quickly capitalize on our advantages and corner the market until we can be considered the gold standard for sports betting in Africa!”

Focusing On Development

Delasport is without doubt glad to be entering into this regulated venture, which will aid the company’s international development. Currently they have established offices in Gibraltar, Israel and Bulgaria and offer a choice between Asian and European view; a 2-way market approach versus the more traditional 1X2 market and events sorted by jurisdiction. AfricaWinner will evidently benefit from the range of opportunities offered by the MTN Group’s new partner as it trains its sights on becoming the shining star in the Africa iGaming industry. 

AfricaWinner will have the immediate advantage of launching to a large player base as a result of this collaboration. MTN Group and Delasport are looking forward to a fruitful partnership, which will doubtlessly thrill sports betting fanatics. 

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