In recent years, the African online gambling scene has undergone a rapid spurt of development, causing a gold rush of sorts as licensed bookmakers and online betting software companies race to stake their respective claims in the lucrative industry. After South Africa and Nigeria, Kenya represents a sizeable piece of Africa’s online betting trade. 

BtoBet, along with their regional Certified Partner STM Gaming, has recently gained a foothold in the Kenyan online betting market by signing an agreement with Wazibet – a Kenyan sports betting operator. 

BtoBet Grows Their Reach

BtoBet has already signed several agreements with African bookmakers who recognise the advantage of bringing their brands to compete in the ever-growing world of online betting. By partnering with the European software company, Wazibet will gain access to the innovative Neuron 3 Platform. 

Apart from an extensive gaming portfolio and state-of-the-art online betting software, Wazibet will be granted tech and management support for their agents and users. 

BtoBet’s proprietary software has been tailored to fit in various global markets – meeting the technological and content requirements of the region. With Wazibet’s established brand presence in Kenya, BtoBet will undoubtedly see their robust gaming portfolio thrive. 

Alongside BtoBet’s exceedingly popular virtual sports betting and online gaming comes novelty betting – a way for users to place bets on non-sports related events such as high-profile talent contests, awards show outcomes, and elections. 

BtoBet has also developed a wide range of mobile gaming experiences (Tiny Roulette, Hot 36, and Viva Vegas slots among others) that are designed to operate smoothly on African mobile devices. With access to such an extensive game portfolio on mobile, Kenyan users will be able to play their favourite casino games at any time, from any location. 

A Focus Online

Chief Marketing Officer for BtoBet commented that Africa’s betting market is taking a rapid turn towards online platforms, even more so than other foreign markets. She expressed her pleasure at their newfound partnership with Wazibet as they make their move into the realm of online betting. 

Nathan Omurambi, Wazibet’s Marketing Director expressed similar sentiments regarding their collaboration with BtoBet. He voiced his admiration for their consistent push for innovation in the industry and their dedication to providing a player-focused user experience in challenging global markets. 

BtoBet’s expert support and state-of-the-art software combined with Wazibet’s established presence in Kenya’s online betting market will surely be a competitive force to be reckoned with. 

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