Bet9ja, the registered trading name of KC Gaming Networks Limited, is one of Nigeria’s top sports betting sites. It has also been making some lucky bettors very rich in recent months thanks to its exciting new sports betting game, Zoom Virtual Soccer.

Zoom Virtual Soccer generated a streak of particularly huge wins for bettors in Nigeria over March of 2022. This has followed a growing trend towards virtual sports betting within Africa and globally.

What is Virtual Sports Betting?

After the Covid-19 pandemic caused a steep decline in sports around the world, the sports betting industry, like many others, took a big hit. To keep up revenue, customers, and general interest in sports betting, many sports betting companies began to innovate. One of the most successful solutions to come out of this turbulent time has since become known as virtual sports betting.

Virtual sports betting games take the basic idea of popular sports sim-management games such as FIFA Manager, Football Manager, and various others. Using statistical information about sports, such as player, team, and league stats, and using an RNG, random number generator, realistic and unique simulations can be created. Sports bettors can then bet on the results of these simulations as if they were real sports.

The great advantage of this is that bettors can place bets at any time, without having to wait for matches, leagues, or tournaments, etc, to start. Because the games are virtual, multiple different matches and leagues can be wagered on at any point. Bettors also don’t have to sit through entire matches or wait for events to finish, to get the results unless they opt for in-play betting. All the usual betting options are also available in virtual sports betting games. This includes live-betting options. 

Zoom Virtual Soccer

Zoom Virtual Soccer is the popular virtual sports betting game offered by Bet9ja. It allows bettors to wager on all their favourite teams and players across the globe. From the popular European leagues to international events, Zoom Virtual Soccer has it all. 

In March 2022, a series of wins in Zoom Virtual Soccer reached a record high. It began with a lucky player winning 9.87 million NGN with a 100 NGN coupon. Before the end of the month, three more players had won huge amounts, with the largest totaling a massive 39.5 million NGN.

With all four of the wins, a similar pattern began to emerge. All the bettors had used a single Bet9ja coupon to place multiple bets on a wide range of selections. Though the odds were stacked high against them, they managed to get all their selections correct, leading to massive wins. 

Bet9ja coupons have become a popular and convenient means for sports bettors using its platform. They are designed to make the betting experience more enjoyable and streamlined.

Sports bettors also have the huge advantage of utilizing Bet9ja’s helpful stats page. It is filled with useful and regularly updated statistics and information about all the most popular sports around the globe.

Is Virtual Sports Betting Games Better?

Virtual sports betting is generally faster, and thus potentially more profitable than regular sports betting. Though it’s also unlikely to replace it any time soon. Generally, such preferences depend on the individual. Many bettors have their own personal enjoyments and motives for sports betting. 

Fortunately, the sports world is gradually recovering from the post-Covid-19 slump, giving bettors more choice nowadays. Virtual sports betting has a certain appeal, though, leading to its rising popularity and the recent big wins. And as technology continues to progress, virtual sports betting will undoubtedly keep on improving, perhaps one day becoming indistinguishable from the real thing.

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