Launched at the tail-end of 2010, 1960Bet has gone on to become one of Nigeria’s premier sportsbooks. The bookmaker has recently rebranded, giving the company an updated look, and went on to stage a strong comeback to the wagering scene. 

Ayoola Says His Piece

Louwatosin Ayoola, 1960Bet’s Executive Director, spoke of the organisation’s return with new management in place. He said that the plan is to retake their position as the market leader in terms of the Nigerian sports betting industry and referenced their pioneering work in the country thus far. 

Ayoola said that his company’s customers deserve the finest betting services possible and promised that this is what they’re going to be getting. He said that the bookmaker wants to make it clear that all winnings will be paid over promptly. He also spoke of additional incentives for new bettors to sign up and loyal ones to keep returning. 

A Thrilling Promotion

As part of the scheme to motivate Nigerians to use 1960Bet’s services, the bookmaker has been running an Independence Promotion since the 10th of September. It will keep going until the 30th of September as part of a celebration of the country’s 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s release from British rule. 

Ayoola described the special offer, saying that it is open to all bettors who stake up to ₦1 000 and it offers prizes including smartphones and cash amounts of ₦10 000 and ₦100 000.   

Mr Macaroni’s Part of the New Look

Debo Adebayo, more popularly known as Mr Macaroni, was additionally announced as 1960Bet’s new brand ambassador. Famous for his work as an actor and video content producer, Mr Macaroni is delighted with his new position. 

He spoke of the sportsbook being the No. 1 choice for Nigerian bettors and said he was proud to be associated with the company. He’s promised to promote the organisation as best he can and says he’s confident that the products and services will continue to be top-notch going forward. He mentioned the bookmaker’s ambitions regarding customer satisfaction and said that he can’t wait to get started. 

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