Soloti Gambling Limited has selected Nigeria as its first step into the gaming market. The new sports betting company is partnering with BtoBet. BtoBet is a provider of online casino platforms and management services. Frapapa, Soloti’s flagship brand, is to be launched in Nigeria. It will utilise BtoBet’s Neuron 3 platform. 

The brand-new Frapapa aims to expand Nigeria’s gambling opportunities. It will be offering a multitude of options. A sportsbook, pre-match and in-play markets will be available. As will eSports, jackpots and virtual sports. Not only this, but it promises to deliver even more gaming products both online and offline.

A New Frontier In Betting 

Chief Operating Officer of Frapapa, Layi Oyalinka, spoke about the partnership. He said he’s excited to be part of the innovative team of experts coming to the Nigerian gaming industry. He added that the brand’s vision was clear. They want to create a gaming framework that provides a superior betting platform. This platform must have impactful, life-changing offerings and more. 

Frapapa is the result of extensive market research. This research focused on providing a better betting experience. Oyalinka is confident in BtoBet’s record. He’s also sure their flexible, scalable technology will provide an engaging experience. Frapapa look forward to introducing players to a next-level betting experience in Nigeria. They aim to target the online and on-property environments. And they’ll seek to deliver a user experience that matches more mature markets.

An Employment Boost

Soloti Gaming Ltd hopes to provide employment to Nigerian youth in the next three years. Chief Executive Officer Derrick Bell says they are looking forward to launching Frapapa. He said that it supports their strategic business decision and global growth strategy. And they aimed at adding value to the gaming industry.

Gambling fans can expect Frapapa to increase the speed of payouts. It will also provide a simple, easy to use interface. On top of that, bettors will receive a generous welcome bonus. 

Soloti management expressed confidence in the partnership with BtoBet. They explained that significant market research informed their agreement. A view shared by Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Despite Soloti being a young enterprise, they promise to revolutionize gambling in Nigeria. They recently received 2 more operating licenses. The Lagos State Lottery and National Lottery Board both issued them certification. Now, they hope to flourish in new markets. 

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