The SBC Digital Summit Africa will be taking place in October. The virtual event aimed at the African betting and gaming industry’s calendar is now public.

The brand-new event detailing the betting and gaming scene for this continent, the SBC Digital Summit Africa, has revealed its programme. Scheduled to run over the 7th and 8th of October, the virtual conference and exhibition offers free entry. It aims to provide interested parties with a chance to glean knowledge from 60 senior executives, all with extensive knowledge in how African markets work. 

The Provision of Valuable Insights

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SBC Rasmus Sojmark called the emerging African market one of the most exciting in the world. He stated that the programme is set to deliver useful insight into how business practices differ from territory to territory in this region. An examination of the kinds of challenges new market entrants face will help these to be mitigated and an assessment of why established local operators found success will help everyone.

The SBC Digital Summit Africa will also feature a synergistic product display area where suppliers will be able to exhibit items already tailored for local markets. Networking roundtables will also facilitate delegates’ connecting and talking shop. 

7 October 2020

Things start off with Gambling in Africa, a content track which focuses on the operational and regulatory challenges faced by lottery, online casino, and bookmaking operators. Sessions will include scrutiny of East African developments, a comprehensive look at West African regulations, and an assessment of South Africa’s legislation. The aim of the latter is to gauge how effective a framework it is and consider its suitability in terms of its neighbours adopting the same. 

The first day will also feature conferences about creating adapted advertising strategies for different local markets, innovations in payments, and lotteries. Online casinos’ prospects will also be discussed as well as whether Europe’s attachment model can work here. 

8 October 2020

Betting on Sports is the theme for the second day of the SBC Digital Summit Africa. The Cricket landscape, as well as that for eSports, Football, Horse Racing, and Rugby will be discussed. A talk will also be held detailing how bookmakers can deliver the kinds of products and services that African audiences will appreciate. 

There will also be an advisory group looking at the fast-changing profile of sports consumers in Africa. Certain sessions will additionally be focused on ways to circumvent problem gaming, defining the future of retail wagering, and what kind of challenges suppliers in this region will face technically.  

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