BtoBet has identified SA as the greatest investment market for gambling development in Africa. The technological requirements are already in place. Now it seems to be only a matter of time until we see this well-known brands products on the South African Market.

btobet south africa

BtoBet has just released a report titled ‘Transforming the South African iGaming Industry Into a Model for Africa’. In it, the online casino and sportsbook solutions provider explores current and future situations of internet-based gambling in South Africa.

As a well-developed supplier of white label, management tools and other services and products for online operators in Africa, BtoBet is in a prime position to capitalise on opportunities in markets across the continent.

A Success and an Example

South Africa has mobile and internet penetration, established land-based casinos and solid year-on-year growth of online gambling in the country. All of this makes experts agree that SA desktop and mobile casinos have great potential. The technological infrastructure is already in place, with BtoBet Chairman Alessandro Fried confirming that South Africa is far ahead of its neighbours in this regard.

Not only could SA be a success in its own right, but the developed state of its technology could allow it to set a great example to the rest of Africa about the directions in which their local industries should be moving.

Insiders Are Enthused

Executives from BtoBet, South African politicians and other interested parties have all been expressing enthusiasm for a fully legal, strictly regulated online gambling industry in SA. As well as creating new jobs, generating more taxes and providing some much-needed economic stimulation, this would allow for a much greater level of consumer protection. Support could be given to responsible gambling initiatives, and operators’ illegal financial and other activities could be curtailed.

Chief Marketing Officer at BtoBet Sabrina Solda commented that South Africa’s reputation as a gambling retail mecca is already set, and that the task at hand now is to replicate this situation in the online space. The Casino Association of South Africa’s Chief Executive Officer, Themba Ngobese, shares this view. Time, dedication and concerted government involvement are all critical to realising SA’s online gambling potential, but it is possible and the expected rewards would be great.

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