Ghana is looking forward to the launch of Betway Up, a sports support initiative hoping to uplift the community and improve sports clubs. Betway Up is an offshoot from Betway Group, a provider in the online gaming industry established in 2006. The innovative organisation is aimed at supporting the development of Ghanaian sports teams and improve skills through a variety of training courses. 

Betway Up’s programme comprises two phases designed to upskill participants and improve logistics – one group focused on community sports teams and the other on top-tier teams such as Karela and Bechem United. 

Beneficiaries can expect top class training in Sports Ethics and Integrity, Intermediate and Advanced Coaching, Recruitment and Scouting and Talent ID. To complement the more sports-specific courses, participants will also receive coaching in Branding and Social Media Leverage, Public Relations and Medical and Fitness Training. 

An Uplifting Program 

Kwabena Oppong-Nkrumah, Country Manager in Marketing, explained that Betway Up would focus on uplifting sports teams in Ghana, stating that the programme is open for all teams with members above the age of 18. It will not be reserved for soccer teams and the initiative looks forward to working with male and female teams across many sports disciplines. Along with training, Betway Up will strive to provide much-needed equipment to developing teams. 

Oppong-Nkrumah said that they have a number of well-trained people who will offer training to the various teams. Additionally, organisations will also receive training equipment as part of the support structure.

The Ghanaian Amputee Football League will be among the first to benefit from Betway Up’s programme. Last year Betway provided support to teams competing in the league in the form of gear and equipment. A portion of every bet placed online was dedicated to uplifting the sports community in Ghana, and commentators were hopeful that the donations would encourage other companies to show similar generosity. 

Developing Teams At Grassroots Level

This year Amputee clubs will receive medical and fitness training from experienced professionals when Betway Up launches in February. Kwabena Oppong-Nkrumah remarked that Betway was very glad to be able to lend support to developing sports teams in Ghana and was looking forward to making significant contributions towards those in need. 

February will see the first phase of the Betway Up programme kick off and teams can expect to participate in the first round of training until June this year. 

Clubs and teams interested in receiving support should visit a Betway outlet to learn more. They are also available to be contacted through their website.

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