Betika has given Ksh 27 million in COVID-19 relief funds to Kenyan athletes, health workers and students. The bookmaker has said it intends to donate more.

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Leading sportsbook operator Betika has introduced several programmes in response to Kenya’s COVID-19 pandemic, providing relief to healthcare workers, students and other citizens. Among the biggest beneficiaries are athletes, particularly Footballers in the National Super League (NSL) and Kenyan Premier League (KPL).

Contributions to Footballers

At least 1050 individual Football players received cash transfers, made directly to mobile money wallets and totalling Ksh 5 million. As all events and games have been cancelled for the time being, top-tier clubs face severe financial strain which affects their ability to pay their athletes. Betika’s funds are intended to help Footballers provide for their families, and themselves, during the crisis and resultant lockdown.

Further Funding

In addition to funnelling Ksh 5 million towards Kenyan Football, Betika has donated Ksh 15 million to the country’s larger sports fraternity. The monies have been channelled through Kenya’s Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, with the donation being made directly to Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed.

The COVID-19 Emergency Fund, which is led by the private sector, also received a welcome boost of Ksh 6 million which will be used to support operations and efforts to combat the novel Coronavirus. The funds will go towards purchasing medical supplies and nasal swabs, masks, testing kits and other protective equipment, as part of the brand’s “Betika Na Community Initiative”.

Students at Kenyatta University, who have developed a prototype for a locally-manufactured ventilator that can be used to help treat COVID-19 patients, got Ksh 1 million to continue their important work. Besides all of this, Betika is furthering public awareness on how to prevent virus transmission, communicating its messages via various channels.

Mutual Appreciation Shown

The various parties benefitting from Betika’s generosity have expressed their appreciation, with Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa publicly giving thanks and stating that the FKF was committed to exploring other measures to cushion all of its players.

For Betika, giving back to the community, especially during times of crisis, is imperative and will help the country, sports teams and bookmaker survive the epidemic. Head of Business John Mbatiah explained that his employer felt a responsibility to support Kenyans over this difficult time.

Mbatiah went on to say that since Betika is a Kenyan firm with more than 90% of its workforce under the age of 40, the company has a keen understanding of the need to support the country’s youth which was why they were supporting the 16 Kenyatta University students.

Mbatiah concluded by saying his company would continue to monitor the outbreak situation, and would extend support, beyond its current total of Ksh 27 million in donations, to relevant communities and authorities. While Betika could not fulfil all needs, it could play a significant role in changing the lives of those Kenyans that it is able to impact, he said.

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