Betway Nigeria now offers bettors in Nigeria the chance to place bets without having to spend money on data. The Data Free Betway site makes betting easier than ever without eating up valuable data.

Globally acclaimed sports betting giant Betway has made it possible for bettors in Nigeria to place a bet without having to spend a single kobo on data. Following the launch of their Free Data offering to South Africans in June, the sports betting brand has rolled out the same service in Nigeria.

What this means is that Nigerians can now place bets without having to spend their hard-earned money on Wi-Fi connections and data, both of which remain a luxury commodity in most African countries.

Betway Nigeria’s offering comes in response to ongoing feedback from Nigerian bettors regarding cheaper data options. Many bettors have reported not being able to place bets because of the exorbitant rates they’re being charged by the country’s telecommunications providers. And the fact that data remains more expensive in Africa than anywhere else in the developing world hasn’t made things easier.

A Unifying Factor

Most Nigerians will be quick to point out the positive role played by sport in African countries. And, they know first-hand the value of supporting both local and international teams.

In this still-developing country, playing sport and supporting teams holds many more benefits than physical fitness or a way to pass time. Sport boosts local economies, can help support education, and even address anti-social behaviour.

Betway has long had a social conscience and is constantly looking for ways to make their customers lives easier. By offering a Free Data option they bring sports betting to more people and offer the opportunity to get involved without any excessive costs.

A Money Saver

Betway’s Data Free website saves more than the money spent on connection fees and mobile data. Because it’s so easy and quick to access, most people will find the service a hassle-free experience. And since there’s no need for travelling to locations offering free Wi-Fi, or even a prerequisite such as purchasing a data voucher, bettors will find themselves saving money all the way.

Three easy steps are all you’ll need to follow to sign up with Betway:

  1. Access the Betway Data Free site.
  2. Register a user account (if you don’t have one already) and claim your free bonus bet.
  3. Make your first deposit and start betting.

A World Of Betting Opportunities

Betway’s Free Data offering can be used to put money on any match or game you would typically bet on when accessing their paid-data site. Bettors can place pre-match bets, bet on eSports, place live bets, or wager on virtual games.

The only requirement is that bettors have a credit data balance to gain access to the internet and to the Free Data site from Betway’s homepage. Once they’ve gained access to the site, no more data will be deducted from their available balance.

A brand well-known for its innovative sports betting products, Betway has once again responded to their customers in just the right way. For Nigerians, data prices are an ongoing issue, but by eliminating the need for costly connectivity, this sportsbook has opened up a whole new world of wagering potential, and the chance to land a big win.

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