With an experienced team and strategic marketing plan, Shacks Evolution Studios is quickly becoming an iGaming market leader. The first of its kind on the continent, the company aims to pioneer a viable production space for the development of iGaming in Africa.

The African iGaming industry has been growing from strength to strength. It’s been generating revenue of around $2 billion every year across the continent. Countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, and many others have become key revenue markets. However, up to 95 percent of the games and products come from foreign companies which gain the majority of the revenue. 

So far, the reliance on them has been necessary. However, Shacks Evolution plans to turn this around. By creating an African-based global iGaming tech infrastructure they aim to showcase Africa’s potential. 

How Did Shacks Evolution Studios Begin?

In 2019, Akinlaja Ayofemi and his partners began establishing the groundwork. Ayofemi is the Senior Product Manager of Shacks Evolution, which was originally called Paper & Spades Gaming. Their idea was for an African-based iGaming company. Ayofemi was involved in sports betting at the time and had gained much insight into the industry. 

Following the onset of the pandemic, their attention turned to addressing the void left by the decline in sports. Their first product was Next Evolution Soccer, a popular virtual football game for PlayStation. They took advantage of the massive wave of opportunity and growth in the global online industry over the next two years. And with sports gradually making a comeback, Shacks Evolution Studios was established. 

What Products & Services Does Shacks Evolution Offer?

Shacks Evolution currently offers iGaming products and solutions to online bookmakers, casinos, lotto, and the gaming entertainment sector. The company is geared towards providing “instant games”. Their aim is to create faster, more convenient, and more entertaining ways to play and win. 

Furthermore, their products use crypto-based technology for safe and reliable transactions. Plus, they provide built-in promo tools and social functions and 24-7 customer support.

What Games Has the Shacks Evolution Developed & Released?

Next Evolution Soccer and Busly, a fun bus simulation betting game are currently the company’s two major titles. However, the team is working on increasing their portfolio to six by the end of March. 

What Are Shacks Evolution Plans for the Future?

The company has big plans for the coming year. They aim to continuously improve and expand their games and services, bringing a fun, exciting, and profitable, new experience to the world. 

Ayofemi is excited to have the opportunity to put his experience into practice and see his company grow. He’s proud of his outstanding team who’ve worked tirelessly to make their dream of becoming Africa’s first market-leading iGaming studio a reality.

Imoh Abolagba, a lead game developer at Shacks Evolution heads the talented group of remote developers and testers. From prototype stages to soft launch, they have ensured the greatest quality in their games.

The company hopes to inspire other Africans to follow their lead and unlock the immense potential of Africa as a leader in the global iGaming industry. Africa has already shown its potential and is only waiting for the right stimulation and infrastructure to awaken the sleeping giant. 

So, with Africa steadily on course for an iGaming revolution, it will be well worth keeping an eye on this ambitious and capable start-up in the future. 

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