Kenyan hip hop artist King Kaka is known for his music, for being a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. But he will now also be known as an ambassador of Sportsbet. The musician has signed a contract with the sports betting company. The contract states that he will act as a brand ambassador across Eastern Africa.

Sportsbet is certainly on a roll. As one of the best betting sites recognized in Africa, the company offers thousands of markets to bet on, while also partnering with dozens of football clubs. Contracts have already been signed with big names such as Southampton, Arsenal and São Paulo. The partnership with King Kaka is just another step towards the brand becoming more globally recognized. The musician is known to be a big name in African rap, lauded for his creativity and unconventional nature. He will now be bringing that creativity to Sportsbet.

Respecting Sportsbet for Innovation

King Kaka made a statement on the new partnership. He declared that he respects the organization for its commitment to innovation. He pointed out that in his career he always tries to walk his own path. Sportsbet takes a similar approach to business. This similarity makes the parties perfect for a partnership, he concluded. He went on to say that he is looking forward to getting started as a global ambassador.

King Kaka’s first campaign is due to start at the end of January. Though it isn’t just the musician’s presence that is going to be benefiting African gamblers. Eastern African players are also going to enjoy exclusive new bonuses. The bonuses come courtesy of the marketing campaign, and as part of the musician’s new position as ambassador.

A True Inspiration to Millions

Head of, Albert Climent, shared some thoughts of his own. He declared that King Kaka is an inspiration to millions. Though added that it isn’t just music that makes the artist stand out. Climent pointed out that the artist’s humanitarian work is also changing African lives. He added that the hip-hop artist is the perfect match for the company’s fast and fair approach to crypto gaming. Interestingly this isn’t the first time a big name in hip hop has partnered with a cryptocurrency. It wasn’t long ago that rapper Akon co-founded his own currency Akoin. Akoin has been around since 2017. Akon has declared that the currency, and the blockchain-based ecosystem, are designed for entrepreneurs in rising African economies.

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